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AMNIO SAC Childbirth is a lifetime experience, Make it memorable with extra care with AMNIO SAC.

In general practice Macintosh and bucket is used for disposable of Amniotic fluid. Due to labor pain and the lithotomic position patient is not comfortable, cause’s lot of movements and the fluid even passes under patient’s body. Someone has to clean it.
Amniosac absorbs the fluid in 3 secs and this absorbed fluid travels unidirectional towards the sac provided at bottom. The sac has a capacity to accumulate 3.5 liters of fluid approximately  

Manufactured by HARSHAL MEDITECH PVT LTD, Vasai (E) Mumbai, India


100 ML DSA Syringe
150ML DSA Syringe
Airway 0/1/2 Mask
Anesthesia Kit
Anesthesia Mask
Angiographic Guide Wire
Automatic Safety lancet
AV Fistula Needle
Blood Collection Needle for Single Use
Cardiac Stent
Catgut (Oranic)1.0
Catgut Prolene 1.0
Catgut Silk 2.0
Catgut Synthetic
Catgut Vicryl
Catheter Double J Type
Catheter Folley Ordinary
Catheter Folley Silicon
Catheter Single J type
Closed Wound Drainage System
Colostomy Bags
Combined Needle Pincture & Spinal
Combined Sprinal & Epidural Block
Cotton Bandages
Cotton Gauges
Disp,Medicine Cup 30Ml/60Ml
Disp,Surgical Latex Gloves
Disposable Injection Medicine Feeder
Disposable Plastic Kidney Dish
Disposable Scalpel
Disposable Skin Stapler
Disposable Surgical Scrub Brush
Disposable Syringes
Dispovan 1 m1
Dispovan 2 m1
Dispovan 3 m1
Dispovan 5 m1
Dispovan 10 m1
Dispovan 20 m1
Dispovan 50 m1
Dispovan Insulin syringe 1ml
Ear Ulcer Syringe
ECG Electrodes
Endoscopic Forcep Cleaning Brush
Enema Bag ( FOB-CFR- CIF)
Epidural Needle
Esophagus Stent
Feeding Bags
Glassvan Surgical Blades
Gloves Vinyl
Haemodailysis Blood Tube
HDPE/LDPE Plastic Aprons
Heat Incision Safety Lancet
Hemodialysis Blood Tube
High Pressure Syringe 4 Lf Ct 9000
Hospital Consumables & Surgicals
Infusion Pump Stand
IV Cannula 14g Without Port
IV Cannula 24g Without Port
IV Cannula 26g Without Port
IV Cannula Assort Without Port (16g to 22g)
IV Transfusion Monitor
Male Latex External Catheter
Manual Suction Pump
Memory Ni-Ti Alloy Duodenum Colon Rectal Stent
Memory Ni-Ti Alloy
Nylon Suture
Operation Theater Apron & Related Accessories
Plain Catgut Suture
Plain Rubber Cork
Plastic Cervical Scraper
Plastic/Wooden Tongue Depressor
Polydioxan One Suture
Polyester Suture
Polyglycoil Acid PGA Rapid
Polypropylene Suture
Polyster Suture
Pressure Safety Blood Lancet
PTFE Coated Guide Wire
PVC Nasogastric Tube
Rectal Stent
Respirotory Stent
Ryle’s Stomach Tube
Scalp vein infusion Set 18 & 27
Scalp Vein Set for Single Use
Sealed Drainage Bottle
Silicon Naso Gastric Tube
Silicon Round Drainage Tube
Silk Suture
Skin Stepler FDA Approver
Spiral Needle
Stainless Steel Blood Lancet
Stainless Steel Kidney Dish
Surgical Blades
Surgical Gloves
Techno Cut Scalpels
Trulene 883
Trulene(1) 843
Two Part Disposable Sterile Syringe
Ultra Sound Transmission Gel
Umbilical Cord Clamp
Urine Cup & Cap
Urine Bags
Wooden Cervical Scrapper
Yankaur Handle Suction Connection Tube 1
Zebra Guide Wire


Intra Oral Camera
Cosmetic Dentistry Supplies
Orthodontic Speciality Supplies
Gendex Ortholic 8500 DDE For Panoramic Digital Imaging
Cancer Detection
Oral CDX By Oral CDX Laboratories
Oral Cancer Supplies
Anesthetic Injectable Needles Syringes
Oral Surgery Hand & Rotary Instrument/Equipment/Accessories
Oral Surgical Disposable & Evacuation Products
Infection Control ,Including BarriersDisinfectant
Sterilant & Soap
Face Mask Oral Surgery
Mouth Wash Chlorohexedine
Mouth Wash Povidone Iodine (Betadine)
Inter Venous Solution/IV Set & Accessories
Cotton Size Small/Medium/Large, Guage Sponges, Sharps & Sutures
Pharmaceuticals & Dental Medicament
Oral Surgery X-Ray Film 

Laparoscopic Manual Instrument